Thursday, January 3, 2008

Demanding Logic in Politics

There isn't much I can demand from todays politicians. All I ask is that they have a logical position on important issues. For example, fertility clinics create (conceive) an embryo. They freeze it, and eventually dispose of it. According to President Bush, this is all well and good. When a scientist attempts to use one of these already conceived embryos which would otherwise be thrown out, this poses a moral quandary? If we as a society are going to decide that a fertilized embryo constitutes a life, then what the fertility clinics are doing should be outlawed. If it is ok for fertility clinics to create these embryos, then stem cell research should be acceptable.

Another example, along the same lines. If a woman is pregnant and wants to have an abortion, it is better to offer incentives to keep the child. A poor woman will need a lot of money and support to raise a child, and if the government is mandating her actions, logically they should have to contribute. Instead of worrying about banning abortion, we should offer plentiful birth control, and when unwanted pregnancies do occur, offer all the support we can to the mothers and families so that abortion is not the better option.

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