Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I've started to become enamored with whole tags thing, so I'm going to make a list of tags for myself to keep track of.

INFO : general information about the blog
MUSIC, MOVIES, TV : Shows/bands that I like, dislike, or otherwise have some sort of feeling about.
COMEDY : Either jokes or the entirely unfunny discussion on why things are funny. Also, fawning about Del Close.
SPORTS : I typically follow MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAAFL, NCAABB, and a scattering of other stuff.
SCIENCE : I'm fascinated by how things work, how scientists figure out that work, and why people sometimes don't believe it.
BOOKS : I read lots of books, and before now I've just kind of put them down. Hopefully I can use this blog to track what I read and how I feel about it.
WORDS : Words are fun. See Wordie . I think I will occasionally post about a word that I like.

As time goes by I will probably add, remove, and change these categories around.

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