Thursday, December 13, 2007

The View, Epicurus, and Idiocy

This news article from the New York Post describes a conversation that occured on the view. Joy Behar mentioned my favorite philosopher Epicurus , who was pretty much in line with my favorite Founding Father, Thomas Paine. Epicurus was probably one of the first Deists, at least that's what he proclaimed, proclaiming otherwise at the time would probably have been bad for his health.

Sherri Shepherd, the dumb one, claimed that Christianity predated Epicurus, the Greeks, and the Romans. When Whoopi Goldberg, that fountain of sanity, attempted to correct her, she said that "Jesus came first". Let's not mention the fact the Bible says otherwise, or history, or you know, everything ever written. Sherri doesn't believe in evolution either, and she's not sure whether the Earth is flat.

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