Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bender's Big Score (New Futurama!)

That's right, after years of waiting, we've finally gotten new Futurama! I bought this DVD today and it was fabulous. There were a ton of in jokes, things you couldn't possibly have gotten unless you were a hardcore fan, but they were hard to notice, and didn't detract from the overall experience. It started kind of slow, similar to how the first new Family Guy after they were renewed made fun of their canceling. The initial spamming stuff wasn't so funny either, but it got better quickly. The animation was incredible as always, with some amazing space battles. All of the characters appeared, Scruffy, Zapp, Al Gore, Dr. John Zoidberg, everyone. The ending was classic Futurama, funny, sad, bittersweet, displaying the moving emotional endings only a bunch of nerds could provide.

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